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    You receive the best price for your vehicle with minimum disruption. Our clients have sold their vehicles for thousands of pounds more via our ‘Best Offer’ and ‘Fully Managed Sale’ services. If you sell or part-exchange your vehicle with a dealer we can obtain the best trade offers on your behalf or professionally market it to private buyers and achieve the full value. We vet potential buyers and if required manage enquiries, viewings, negotiations, payment and paperwork. Selling your vehicle doesn’t have to be hard work, contact One Bespoke first.

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    Selling a valuable watch or piece of jewellery can be a time consuming and risky process. Drawing unwanted attention to your ownership can put you at risk of burglary and fraud. Our services offer you a fast and convenient way of selling without compromising on price or safety. We have excellent trade contacts worldwide and our private network of collectors, investors, executives and company directors allows us to place your items directly with private buyers. The net amount you receive will be significantly more than selling to a jeweller.

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    If you have furniture to sell, One Bespoke will find you a buyer. We have built up a reliable network of second hand furniture retailers, interior designers and private clients who are active buyers of desirable furniture. We can advertise pieces online and in every instance we have exceeded our client’s expectations on price. Our services offer you a fast, discreet and convenient way of selling everything from antique rococo mirrors to contemporary Lignet Roset sofas. Next time you remodel your house, contact One Bespoke.

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    Cherished Registrations are a very specialised market and selling one can take a long time without the right marketing. One Bespoke has an excellent track record marketing and selling cherished registrations for clients via our fully managed sale service. We can sell any Cherished Registration on your behalf or make you a cash offer for an instant sale. Even if you are not looking to sell your registration at present we can value it and inform our contacts it may be available to purchase at a premium. If you own Cherished Registrations contact One Bespoke.

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    One Bespoke provide unique marketing for properties and welcome enquires from developers and private individuals. In a highly competitive marketplace doing things ‘differently’ can yield excellent results. As well as marketing to our own private network of buyers (UK and abroad) we have had a client’s property featured (at no cost) in a national property supplement, marketed properties to overseas investors and let a penthouse using social media. We can find a unique and creative way to help you sell or let property in addition to your current estate agent.

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    The typical commission for a Marine Broker is 8-10%, which is a substantial sum even on a modest sized boat. We are able to place boats directly with private buyers at a rate considerably lower. Many of our existing clients own boats and yachts and we can market yours directly to them. If required your yacht can be professionally photographed and marketed online allowing potential buyers to fully appreciate the specification and condition. We will find a unique and creative way to help you sell or charter alongside your current broker.

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    Sell your second hand luxury goods and achieve a significant amount of the original value back. Boxed as new or thrown to the back of the wardrobe at the end of the season we can resell these items at fantastic prices clearing space and putting extra cash in your pocket. For her: Designer handbags, purses, dresses, shoes, accessories and more from all luxury brands. For Him: Luggage, cufflinks, suits, pens, wallets and more. This service is completely discreet, fast and highly effective. Collection is available and charity donations can be made on request.

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    One Bespoke offers plant and commercial machinery selling services to businesses and private individuals. We have helped our clients sell everything from JCB diggers and Harbon drain jetters to commercial printers and refrigeration units. The net amount we return consistently exceeds expectations. We have represented liquidators, wholesalers, limited companies and private owners, helping them achieve the maximum value of their items with minimum inconvenience. Outsourcing the sale of these items to us is both time and cost effective.

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    One Bespoke can sell a wide range of household items on your behalf. You would be amazed at the number of valuable items gathering dust around your home. Everything from crystal glasses and plasma televisions to home gym equipment. Selling these valuable household items yourself can be an incredibly time consuming and exhausting process. Previous clients have been amazed at how much we have raised from selling their items. Discreet collection is available and charity donations can be made from the proceeds on request.

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    Businesses, stock and assets sold for maximum value with minimum inconvenience. Anything considered in the UK and abroad. Within our private network we have investors looking to acquire successful established businesses, distressed sales, retirement sales and any type of assets and stock. Private equity and venture capital funding available. If you would like to sell your business or require urgent funding please contact us immediately. We are particularly interested in acquiring valuable ‘.com’ and ‘’ domain names.

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    Originals works, prints, sculptures and desirable memorabilia required. We have collectors, investors and private buyers actively looking to acquire many different types of art and memorabilia. Our network of buyers allows us to place items like this very quickly. If you are looking to acquire valuable art we have excellent contacts and can acquire top name pieces below market value.

  • Vehicles


    If you have something that is not listed above that you’d like us to sell for you, please get in touch. Anything ethical and legal considered.


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