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One Bespoke has sold a wide variety of items on behalf of clients. There are too many to list so we have selected some examples as case studies and briefly outlined how our involvement benefited the client.

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    We were asked to sell this immaculate, one owner V8 Vantage via our fully managed sales service. Our client, a trader at world’s largest banks was working long hours in the city and did not want his wife to have to deal with enquiries and potential buyers. We sold his car in just over two weeks for four thousand pounds more than he was offered by the dealer who sold him the car.

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    Extremely pleased with the service we provided selling his Aston Martin (above) our client asked us to sell his wife’s Porsche. To complicate matters they moved to the United States shortly after commissioning us to sell the vehicle. We provided a fully managed sales service in their absence and ensured that payment was irrevocably cleared in their account before releasing the vehicle to the buyer.

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    The owner of this specialist Ferrari was frustrated with disappointing offers from dealers. While an offer from a dealer will always be lower than a private sale, many dealers offer lower amounts in the belief that high worth clients will not be as concerned at the loss. We were able to secure a dealer offer significantly higher than he had obtained himself through our own network of contacts.

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    Having advertised this vehicle previously without success our client instructed us to manage the sale on his behalf. There is a very limited market for left hand drive American vehicles in the UK and we ensured that our advertising targeted specific publications. The buyer, a Honda superbike champion needed the vehicle urgently and we were able to complete the viewing and sale, including cleared payment within twelve hours.

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    Our client, a successful entrepreneur, indulged his passion for speed with this very rare Caterham Seven John Palmer Evolution. This special order cost almost double the standard list price due to extensive use of carbon fibre. Recognising the rarity of this vehicle we marketed it to the Caterham owner’s community receiving interest worldwide. The car was sold at the full asking price to a Caterham enthusiast from France.

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    With a waiting list fast approaching three years the Ferrari 458 Italia is the ‘must have’ supercar of the moment. One of our clients had placed a deposit and secured an early delivery slot for his vehicle. Recognising the current demand he instructed us to sell the contract for the undelivered vehicle. We sold the 458 contract to a private buyer and our client received a large premium for selling his place in the queue.

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    A client asked us to sell a mint condition Rolex Daytona. He was concerned that having lost the paperwork the watch may not be considered genuine and achieve its true value. We had the watch authenticated and checked against the Rolex register. Through our private network we offered the watch to a collector and with proof of authenticity obtained a significantly higher price than he would have otherwise achieved.

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    A recommendation from a previous client prompted the owner of this watch to contact us. In addition to our existing network of contacts we marketed the watch online via specialist websites to watch enthusiasts and collectors. Our online marketing includes stunning photography to highlight every detail of the watch. One Bespoke adverts reach potential buyers around the world than any shop window or individual dealer.

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    ROL 33X

    We were approached by a watch enthusiast client looking for an appropriate Cherished Registration. The registration we suggested ROL 33X (Rolex) had not yet been issued by the DVLA and was therefore not available to purchase anywhere. We implemented a procedure for having registrations issued and successfully secured it on our client’s behalf.

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    Our client had several pieces of commercial machinery including a JCB digger, dumper truck and earth mover. These items had been unused and stored outside for some time before we were commissioned. We arranged for them to be tested and appraised enabling us to sell them in working condition rather than ‘sold as seen’ achieving significantly higher prices for our client.

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    An existing client we had sold vehicles for purchased a commercial property and inherited several miscellaneous items of machinery. The client had originally considered token offers, unaware of the true value simply to make space available. The commercial drain jetting machinery was appraised, valued and subsequently sold via a fully managed sale for over £10,000.

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    Our client had a number of fleet vans subject to finance agreements. Not wanting to make payments for another 12 months he commissioned a fully managed sale. The vans had been used to transport dogs and were unbelievably dirty and smelly inside. A full interior valet and fumigation returned them to showroom condition. The prices achieved more than covered the finance settlements and our client was delighted.

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    Our client, a company liquidator asked us to dispose of the assets of a fire safety company including a large quantity of new fire safety equipment, dry risers and even a fully functioning fire engine. We provided a detailed inventory and valuation to the client and on their instruction sold the entire inventory. The fire safety equipment was stored in a difficult to access location and we provided staff to assist with removal.

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    A regular client asked for assistance in selling his multi million pound home. Our advice to the client was that due to the weak pound this was an ideal opportunity to promote the property to wealthy foreign buyers and investors. The property is being marketed worldwide to a larger audience of potential buyers. This cost effective marketing has brought in quality leads from as far away as Israel, South Africa and Singapore.

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    A local property developer asked us to market two contemporary new build properties he had just completed in the prestigious Sandbanks area of Poole. As with most of the properties we advertise on behalf of clients, we are commissioned alongside estate agents to provide creative marketing, promotion and an attention to detail that is often missed. These properties were promoted to our private network of clients.

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    Another recommendation from an existing client! Our new client, a UK based businessman, wanted to sell his Princess sports yacht moored in Spain. Having sought our advice he commissioned a fully managed sale and the boat was sold a month later. The buyer was an experienced boat owner and the deal was completed without the need for yacht brokers, saving the client a small fortune in associated fees.

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    We were commissioned to photograph and video this stunning Sunseeker yacht in St.Tropez. The owner, a successful entrepreneur, joined us onboard and recognising our client base of other high net worth individuals offered us the opportunity to charter the yacht on his behalf. This luxurious Sunseeker is currently moored in South Florida, ideally situated for charters to the Bahamas.

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    We have sold a wide range of furniture, household and designer items for numerous clients including a grand piano, expensive furniture, sports memorabilia, art prints, home gym equipment, flat screen televisions, designer bags and much more. Our clients find that having accumulated many of these items they have neither the time nor inclination to sell them. One Bespoke can turn these unwanted items into cash.


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